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We hope that you’re all “making hay” so to speak, and enjoying the sultry days of summer (yes, it appears global warming is in full effect here on the Front Range of Colorado). For some, it’s the time of year when we’re too busy on projects to do much else. Here at COSBA, we have some exciting events to announce! First off, COSBA will, most definitely, be hosting a straw-bale stacking, educational workshop on September 15th just outside Boulder, CO — our first workshop in many years! (sorry for the delay on this… you know how construction goes). If you’ve been looking for a hands-on opportunity to learn about how those dang bales get into that wall, or generally just experience what DIY residential construction is all about, then this is the event for you! Please visit the Events page on our website for registration and more info. Second, for the straw-bale curious, not-yet-ready-to-get-dirty crowd, we’re pleased to announce that a straw-bale home (ok, partial straw-bale) will be featured in this years CBGB Green Home Tour! That’s a similar acronym, but stands for our friends at the Colorado Green Building Guild. This a long-running event in the Boulder-Louisville area that will likely feature some other really cool (literally) homes with various green building, and natural building features. Please visit . Until next time, Your COSBA Board of Directors