Basic Solar Orienteering for Optimum Heat Gain/Loss & Using a Heliodon

This is to be a non-mathematical discussion of the daily and annual solar motion, and how it relates to passive heat gain/loss strategies for residential design. Using examples and lessons drawn from personal and professional experience, I will show how important a comprehensive understanding of solar motions is for personal dwellings and offer some basic strategies for designers.

I also encourage residents to be proactive, in the design of their personal spaces, by informing themselves of the natural processes and flows of nature.
Relevance: As I interpret it, ‘All Hands In’, demonstrates that we are all in this together, and this is to be a multidisciplinary discovery process, where all views are valued, as having validity of representation. This fit’s nicely with my philosophy. As much as anyone may know from the confines of their own area of expertise, they can benefit greatly from being informed by other disciplines. Rather than resisting the ‘melting pot’ of ideas, I crave it and expect it to be implicit in this presentation.

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Aug 28 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Breakout Sessions


Dance Room
Steve Farmer


Steve Farmer
(616) 212-2190


  • Steve Farmer
    Steve Farmer

    Steve Farmer has been a lifelong sunseeker and student of natural phenomena. He has experienced a wide range of living environments and has undertaken many of the building trades to further his understanding of building methods, with a particular emphasis on solar thermal processes and their relationship to energy efficiency and vitality of living structures.

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