Ask The Old-Timers – Q & A with the Legends

Panel Discussion: “Ask the Old-Timers” Q & A with Bruce King, Chris Magwood, Catherine Wanek, and Dan Chiraz. Moderator: Emily Niehaus

OK, non-boomers, gather round and listen up!  Uncle Cranky and Aunt Biddy will delight you with tales from the good old days of natural building, answer all your questions in vaguely truthy ways, and tell you to get off the lawn.

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Oct 16 2021


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm


Panel Discussion


Star Hall


Panel Discussion

Sponsors/Other Organizers

Emily Niehaus
Emily Niehaus


  • Bruce King
    Bruce King

    Bruce King is the author of “The New Carbon Architecture”, and has been a structural engineer for 40 years, designing buildings of every size and type around the world, from Port-au-Prince to Palo Alto. He is also the author of the ASTM international building standard for earthen construction, as well as the books “Buildings of Earth and Straw”, “Making Better Concrete”, and “Design of Straw Bale Buildings”.
    Bruce is also the Founder and Director of the Ecological Building Network (EBNet), a non-profit information resource that sponsors the BuildWell Source (, an online library of low-carbon and carbon-storing materials.

  • Catherine Wanek
    Catherine Wanek

    Catherine Wanek is the author and photographer of the books The New Straw Bale Home and The Hybrid House, Designing with Sun, Wind, Water and Earth. She co-edited The Art of Natural Building (1999, 2nd edition 2015). She published and edited The Last Straw, the International Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building (1998 – 2003) and has contributed articles and photographs to Su Casa Magazine, Communities, Permaculture Activist and Mother Earth News.

    She also produced the Building With Straw series of videos, A Straw Bale Workshop (1993), A Straw Bale Home Tour, and Straw Bale Code Testing, and Urban Permaculture (1999), and The Straw Bale Solution (1998).

    A founding member of Builders Without Borders (BWB), Catherine currently serves as BWB Co-director. In 2008. through BWB, she organized the construction of a natural building exhibit at the US Botanical Garden in Washington D.C. At her business the Black Range Lodge, in southwest New Mexico, she organized the first Natural Building Colloquium in 1995 and the 20th anniversary of the NBC in 2015, as well as annual BWB hands-on workshops and events.

  • Chris Magwood
    Chris Magwood

    Chris Magwood of the Endeavour Centre, and Builders for Climate Action will Keynote our 2020 Conference! If ya don’t know already, Mr. Magwood is an expert in low-embodied energy, carbon-capture construction, and a pillar of the international natural building community.

  • Dan Chiras
    Dan Chiras

    I’m an author of numerous books on green building, natural building, solar energy, sustainable living, self-sufficiency. I recently published two books on Chinese greenhouses and have built my own CG out rammed earth tires

  • Emily Niehaus
    Emily Niehaus

    Currently the Mayor of Moab, Emily is the founder of Community Rebuilds. She is proud of the accomplishments of the organization and interested in the pursuit of shifting the construction paradigm to be inclusive and regenerative (I have attached her photo)
    Reid’s bio: Reid Saunders is a planner and builder with Community Rebuilds, an affordable strawbale home builder in Moab Utah. She came to CR as an AmeriCorps VISTA to help find more development opportunities and manage CR’s Living Building Challenge certification. With a background in Urban Planning and Historic Preservation, Reid is interested in low impact use of materials and building practices that honor the cultural and natural resources of the planet.

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