Resource Conscious Construction

Resource Conscious Construction is an inclusive framework which seeks to understand the overall impact of design/build professionals and educate the next generation to be regenerative thinkers, practitioners and change makers. The movement that natural builders are involved in is at a critical stage where science, industry and the reality of climate change are all starting to align. There is a greater opportunity than ever before to make effective changes to how we life and work but the holistic shift needs structure in order to be deeply lasting.

The intention of this 2 hour discussion is to get input from folks attending this seminar as to what their ideas or vision would be of how to educate the change makers of today and tomorrow in this quickly changing world. This may be; a physical school, a professional guild, new professional designation, a formal network, linking/integration of existing education programs, etc.

Folks attending this seminar are already involved in this kind of work and it is an opportunity for them to share their experiences and for us all to learn from and build upon them.

Relevance: This discussion is about being inclusive in our work as “natural” or “alternative” builders. Resource Conscious Construction is intended to include all aspects of the design/build process and all people involved in it. It is a construct which sidesteps potentially divisive labels and looks at the whole picture. If we are truly conscious of our resources in our decisions then we are better professionals, better stewards and better community members. This forum is about “All Hands” and minds in!

The event is finished.


Oct 16 2021


10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Breakout Sessions


Moab Arts & Recreation Center: Dance Room
Cillian Liam Barrett


Cillian Liam Barrett
(802) 595-9576

Cillian is originally from Ireland where he was trained as an Architectural Technician. He has lived and worked in Ireland, Alaska, Vermont, Utah, Hopi Lands [AZ] and Colorado focusing on ecological high performance residential construction. Fond of cold climates and outdoor adventures.


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