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In 2010, COSBA hosted our annual conference in Gunnison, CO.  We called it a Natural Building Conference.  It was a particularly special weekend… we voted to host the 2012 ISBC… and we met a lovely young woman from Utah who had started her own non-profit and encouraged COSBA to keep working hard and expand our reach into neighboring states.

That idea has kept us going for the last 9 years.  And now, with a unanimous Board vote… dang it Emily, we’re finally gonna do it!

COSBA will officially be changing its name to the Natural Building Alliance.  Our mission, vision, and goals will remain much the same – just in an expanded format.  In addition to straw bales, we’ll be honoring and advocating for ALL genres of natural building materials and methods: adobe, cob, hempcrete, timber, you name it.  We have new Board members (see side column) and will be working towards expanding our outreach to the greater Rocky Mountain region.  In a way, these are things we’ve already been doing for 10 (almost 20) years… now we’re just making it all part of our name.

We have a lot of exciting things to look forward to, including another regional Natural Building Conference, and some local workshop opportunities in development (one of which might be as soon as May, so stay tuned for more info soon!).  We’ll also be hard at work behind the scenes developing our new website and logo, etc., which you can visit now at